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Salvador is trying to scale his rectangular self-portrait down to postcard size. The painting is 9 feet wide by 16 feet long. He is using a scale of inch = 1 foot for the postcard-sized self-portrait. What will be the dimensions, in inches, of Salvador's postcard-sized self-portrait?

(F) 1 by 4

(G) 3 by 5

(H) 3 by 4

(J) 27 by 48

(K) 36 by 64

The Correct Answer

Which of the following gives the equation for the circle in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane with a center at (4,-8) and a circumference of 10π square coordinate units?

(A) (x - 4)2 + (y + 8)2 = 25 (B) (x - 4)2 + (y + 8)2 = 100 (C) (x + 8)2 + (y - 4)2 = 25 (D) (x + 8)2 - (y - 4)2 = 100 (E) (x + 8)2 + (y - 4)2 = 100

Correct Answer: A

If g(x) is a transformation that moves f(x) three units to the right and then reflects it across the x-axis, then g(x) =

(A) f(–x) + 3(B) f(–x) – 3(C) f(x) + 3(D) –f(x+ 3)(E) –f(x– 3)

Correct Answer: E

For the songs on Charlie's mp3 player, the ratio of folk songs to rock songs is 3:11. Which of the following statements about the songs on his mp3 player is(are) true?

I. There are fewer folk songs than rock songs.

II. For every 11 rock songs, there are 3 folk songs.

III. Folk songs comprise of the songs on Charlie's mp3 player.

(F) I only (G) II only (H) I and II only (J) II and III only (K) I, II, and III

Correct Answer: H

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