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Which of the following correctly factors the expression 25x4 - 16y8?

(F) (25 - 16)(x2 - y4)(x2 + y4)

(G) (5x2 - 4y4)(5x2 + 4y4)

(H) (25x2 - y4)(x2 + 16y4)

(J) (5x4 - 4y8)(5x4 + 4y8)

(K) (5x4 - 8y8)(5x4 + 2y8)

The Correct Answer

Eldridge opened a savings account with an initial balance of $1,000. After that, every month for 8 months, she made one deposit to the account, always for the same amount. During that time, she made just one withdrawal.

Which of the following graphs accurately describes these transactions over an 8-month period?

(F) (G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: J

The figure below shows a ramp for skateboarders. The base of the ramp is 25 feet long, and it rises at a 10° angle.

Given the trigonometric calculations in the table below, how high off the ground will a skateboarder be at the top of the ramp, rounded to the nearest 0.1 foot?

(F) 2.3 (G) 2.5 (H) 4.3 (J) 4.4 (K) 24.6

Correct Answer: J

If the least common multiple of 9, 10, 12, and vis 540, which of the following could be v?

(A) 18(B) 24(C) 27(D) 36(E) 45

Correct Answer: C

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