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In the figure below, M is on and O is on . and are parallel. The dimensions given are in feet. What is the length, in feet, of ?


(B) 91

(C) 105

(D) 273

(E) 294

The Correct Answer

What is cos image given that image = image + image and that cos (a+b) = cos a (cos b) - sin a (sin b)? (Note: You may use the following table of values.) image

(A)image (B) - image (C) image (D) 0.999 (E) image

Correct Answer: A

A 25-foot ladder stands against a vertical wall at an angle of ndegrees with the ground. If , how far is the base of the ladder from the wall?

(A) 12(B) 13(C) 14(D) 15(E) 16

Correct Answer: D

A magician performing at children's birthday parties charges $120.00 total for a one-hour performance with ten goodie bags for children at the party. She will provide additional goodie bags for $2.50 each. For an additional $25.00, she will also present a 15-minute laser light show. The magician is always paid on the day of the show, receives no tips or other additional payments, and never varies the length of the show. If the magician performs exactly four shows one weekend, presents the light show at three of those performances, and collects $635.00 total, how many additional goodie bags did she provide?

(A) 26 (B) 32 (C) 48 (D) 86 (E) 254

Correct Answer: B

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