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The farm connects to the Civil War general and U.S. president motivated the recent restoration by a team of National Park Service historians, laborers, and archaeologists.


(B) farm’s connection

(C) farming connects

(D) farmer’s conneting

The Correct Answer

Out of all those people who were interviewed many of those people raved about the perfect seven-course (meal) they had once been served in a grand expensive restaurant.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) meals, that (C) meals, which (D) meals,

Correct Answer: A

Though possibly being a reminder of campus fads of years past, like packing Volkswagen Bugs, it comes as good news.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) it maybe reminds us (C) this trend might remind us (D) we could be reminded

Correct Answer: C

A humanitarian and of lasting importance was about to unfold under the homely name "Operation Vittles."

(A)take place (B) show up (C) be played out (D) occur

Correct Answer: B

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