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The farm connects to the Civil War general and U.S. president motivated the recent restoration by a team of National Park Service historians, laborers, and archaeologists.


(B) farm’s connection

(C) farming connects

(D) farmer’s conneting

The Correct Answer

The practice of advancing a person's age seems to me to reflect the value a society places on life experience and longevity. Their idea was demonstrated often by my elderly relatives, who took pride in reminding younger folk of their "Korean age."

(A)NO CHANGE (B) One’s (C) Its (D) This

Correct Answer: D

The child with the ball wonders at the grown-up's odd, noisy behavior.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) grown-ups’ (C) grown-ups (D) grown-ups,

Correct Answer: B

I immediately felt safe and at home in her arms.

(A)safely at home in (B) at home in the safety of (C) safely home in (D) home safety in

Correct Answer: D

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