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If , with a > 0, b> 0, and c> 0, what is the value of ain terms of band c?






The Correct Answer

In a certain school district, exactly 30% of the students come from families that have only one child. If there are 7,340 students in the district, how many do NOT come from families with only one child?

(A)220 (B) 514 (C) 2,202 (D) 5,138 (E) 7,120

Correct Answer: D

In the diagram below, ABC is isosceles and BCD is equilateral. = and the measure of ABC is half the measure of BAC. What is the measure of ABD?

(F) 36° (G) 60° (H) 72° (J) 96° (K) 150°

Correct Answer: J

What is the slope of a line that includes the points (–4, 1) and (10, –6)?

(F) 2(G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: H

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