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In the circle illustrated, the radius is 8 feet. The measure of central angle AOB is 60°. What is the length, in feet, of arc AB? image


(B) image

(C) image

(D) 16π

(E) 24π

The Correct Answer

If you multiply a number by 3 and then add 40, the result is the same as if you first add 17 and then multiply by 2. What is the result if you subtract 9 from the number and then multiply by 4?

(A) –60(B) –72(C) –84(D) –108(E) –124

Correct Answer: A

The mean of 5 numbers is 87. The smallest of the 5 numbers is 75. What is the mean of the other 4 numbers?

(A)72 (B) 87 (C) 88 (D) 90 (E) 108

Correct Answer: D

Joe rents a car to drive across the state to visit his family for Thanksgiving. The car rental company charges Joe $112 for the weekend rental, plus $0.99 for each mile he drives. If Joe drives the rental car m miles, then which of the following expressions gives Joe's total cost, in dollars, for renting the car?

(A)0.99m - 112 (B) 0.99m + 112 (C) 49.95m (D) 112m + 0.99 (E) 112.99m

Correct Answer: B

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