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She learned that her countrys folklore was a fusion of Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, Frenchr Dutch, and African influences.


(B) countrys’

(C) country’s

(D) countries

The Correct Answer

The skeletal wire frame, the hooks that jingle, the grey or plaid liner—over time, these acquire as much distinctiveness as a human face.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) acquire, as much distinctiveness, (C) acquire, as much distinctiveness (D) acquire as much distinctiveness,

Correct Answer: A

44. This question asks about the preceding passage as a whole. The writer is considering deleting the last sentence of the first paragraph of the essay. If the writer were to make this deletion, the essay would primarily lose a statement that:

(F) adds a bit of sarcasm to a rather humorous introduction.(G) identifies the overall point of the entire passage.(H) summarizes the list of examples previously provided by the author.(J) provides a list of animals more useful than the snake.

Correct Answer: G

Information, stories, a sense of other settings and other lives—these all accumulate to the appeal of coins for collectors like me.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) accumulate for (C) add to (D) benefit with

Correct Answer: C

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