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The Abrams put a cement walkway around their rectangular pool. The pool’s dimensions are 12 ft. by 24 ft., and the width of the walkway is 5 ft. in all places. The area of the walkway is

(A)205 sq. ft.

(B)288 sq. ft.

(C)460 sq. ft.

(D)493 sq. ft.

(E)748 sq. ft.

The Correct Answer

What is % of 90

(A) 0.04 (B) 0.145 (C) 45 (D) 0.45 (E) 145

Correct Answer: D

The law of sines states that for any triangle, the ratio between the sine of an angle and the length of the side opposite that angle is the same for all of the interior angles in the triangle. In imgXYZ shown below, image = 22 cm, imagez = 32°, and imagey = 44°. What is the length of image? img

(A)img (B) img (C) img (D) img (E) img

Correct Answer: D

If x < y, then |x - y| is equivalent to which of the following?

(A)x + y (B) -(x + y) (C) (D) x - y (E) -(x - y)

Correct Answer: E

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