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A culture willing to confront its flaws can begin to find remedies for it.


(B) for them.

(C) of them.

(D) for themselves.

The Correct Answer

Yet many people, who feel strongly, about pollution of these resources are strangely silent about protecting our environment from noise.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) people who feel strongly about pollution, (C) people, who feel strongly about pollution, (D) people who feel strongly about pollution

Correct Answer: D

The best placement for the underlined word would be:

(F) where it is now.(G) before the word in.(H) before the word amusing (changing an to a).(J) before the word way.

Correct Answer: H

Renee starts by cornrowing my narural hair, braiding it as close to my scalp.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) as closely (C) close as (D) close

Correct Answer: D

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