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One of my clients, Andrew, had a young Irish setter named Red. Who had never been taught any commands.


(B) Red who,

(C) Red, who

(D) Red; who

The Correct Answer

Meanwhile, Japan's educational system and its business community have joined forces to ensure that a steady supply of well-prepared youth continue to enter the work force.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) it’s (C) their (D) its’

Correct Answer: A

Furthermore, the board offered no evidence to back up its claim that such clothing created a negative educational environment.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) where (C) which (D) in which

Correct Answer: A

For my friends Train and Maya Nguyen, the distance between Vietnam and California is more than it's measure in miles.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) its’ (C) its (D) his

Correct Answer: C

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