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If x and y are real numbers and 0 < x < y < , which of the following gives the set of all values which could have?






The Correct Answer

Which of the following values for a in the equation 3x + 3a - 5 = 5x - a causes the solution for x to be 6?

(A)-8.5 (B) -4.25 (C) 4.25 (D) 8.5 (E) 13.25

Correct Answer: C

Isosceles trapezoid ABCD, with equal sides and , has vertices A (3,0), B (6,6), and D (15,0). These vertices are graphed below in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane below. What are the coordinates of one possible vertex C?

(A)(11,7) (B) (13,6) (C) (12,6) (D) (13,5) (E) (12,7)

Correct Answer: C

If the monthly payment, m dollars, on a house that costs P dollars is given by the formula image, what is the monthly payment, to the nearest dollar, on a house that costs $200,000?

(A)$868 (B) $880 (C) $960 (D) $1,060 (E) $1,200

Correct Answer: B

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