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Your credit card has a nominal interest rate of 18%. If the interest is calculated monthly, what is the effective annual rate?


(B) 18.5%

(C) 19.6%

(D) 20.1%

The Correct Answer

A piston inside a cylinder undergoes an isentropic compression with the following values.
$latex p_1= 4.57 \frac{N}{cm^2}$

$latex p_2= 34.07 \frac{N}{cm^2}$

$latex V_1 = 257 cm^3$
If the specific heat ratio (k) is 1.4, What is the compressed volume?

(A) 61.2cm3 (B) 30.5cm3 (C) 90.4cm3 (D) 257cm3

Correct Answer: B

The following data have been collected:

Which of the following statements is true?

(A) The median and the mode are equal. (B) The mean and the median are equal. (C) The mean and the mode are equal. (D) The mean is larger than both the mode and the median.

Correct Answer: A

An 18 wheeler has a mass of 28,000 kilograms when fully loaded. The truck goes from 0 to 90 kilometers per hour in 120 seconds. What is the force on the 18 wheeler due to acceleration?

(A)1.08 kN (B) 15.82 kN (C) 10.71 kN (D) 5.83 kN

Correct Answer: D

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