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PE Exam Schedules 2020

All of these exams are administered twice per year: once on April 17th
and again on October 23rd, 2020. They all last a total of 8 hours and
contain 80 questions.Many of the NCEES exams are only
available on select days out of the year. These days typically fall in
either April or October. Check out their exam schedules below:PE Exam Schedules 2020

PE Agricultural and Biological 

PE Agricultural and Biological Engineering Exam is an 8-hour exam with
80 questions. It is currently being administered in paper and pencil
format once per year in April. This year, it falls on April 17th.

PE Agricultural

8-hour exam has 80 questions and requires four years of experience
post-college. This year, the PE Agricultural Engineering Exam falls on April 17th.

PE Naval Architecture and Marine

exam is still administered in paper and pencil format. It contains 80
questions that take students an average of 8 hours to finish. In 2020,
the exam date falls on April 17th.

PE Control Systems

PE Control Systems Engineering Exam is administered in pencil and paper
format; there is currently no computer-based version of the test. It is
only given annually, which falls this year on October 23rd. The exam has 80 questions and lasts 8 hours.

PE Metallurgical and Materials

This paper and pencil exam is held on October 23rd and lasts 8 hours. It is only given once per year and has 80 questions. There is currently no computer-based version.

PE Nuclear, PE Petroleum, PE Fire Protection, PE Industrial and Systems

All 4 of these exams are computer-based and administered only one day a year. They all have the same date in 2020, which is October 22nd.
They all have 85 questions and last 9.5 hours, although the specific
questions on each test are different from one another. Additionally, you
can reserve your seat for the PE Industrial and Systems exam for up to a
year in advance.