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PE Exam latest news

PE Test Dates 2020

As the entire process continues its shift to digital, some PE exams are paper and pencil while others are computer-based. Ultimately, the entire NCEES infrastructure is in a conversion process this year with an expected launch schedule between now and 2024.

This year, all pencil and paper NCEES PE exams are scheduled on April 17th and October 23rd. (update: Because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, all paper and pencil tests for April 2020 have been cancelled.)

Some exams are held only once a year while others can be taken year-round. Since this can get a little confusing, here’s a general breakdown of what happens when:

The PE exam was developed by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) to test for a level of competency in a particular engineering field or discipline. Before even taking the exam, engineers must have gained a minimum of four years work experience to be eligible.